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6 Awesome Beaded Owl Jewelry Tutorials to Try!

There is something fascinating about owls so much so that they are favorite motif of crafters - the wire wrapped owl tutorial collection I shared recently was popular.  First up is for the beaded collection is this adorable bead embroidered owl brooch . It was uploaded by Alina Colnishko over on  It is a pictorial so no translation is necessary.  I am note sure of the original designer but the earliest date for this design to appear on the internet is over on this Czech site.

A far different design is the bead embroidered owl brooch tutorial by Lydia Sapronova over on  It is a clever way of using a mounted drop crystal as the owl's wing.  Most artisans do a frontal view of their owls so this sideways version is refreshing.  The tutorial is in Russian so either use Google Translate or use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select translate to English.

The beaded owl brooch design by Zolotova Jana over on is proportionately different with crystals for wings and eyes.

Evgeny Voronov's sweet owl design is also bead embroidered but with a cabochon and gemstone chips for the wings.

This next one also involves a crystal - a rivoli. The tutorial is by Bead Tales.  This is an off loom project which starts off with beading around The tutorial is in Israeli. Translating it is not helpful so this tutorial is only applicable for those who can figure it out with the help of the pictures.

I also liked P@tty Perline's offloom owl tutorial which she used for a phone charm.

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  1. Thought that might happen! Does this mean you will take up beading now?

  2. Does anyone have this in english, they r all so cute

    1. Donna, try translating the pages. The easiest way is to use the Chrome browser. Right click anywhere on the page and select translate to English.

  3. Yes, me too! Love owls, too bad I don't seed bead. Those are great!

  4. They are all fantastic tutorials and each owl is percious.

  5. Our little angel that left us to go up to heaven is referred to as our Angel Owl I'm hoping to do all of these or maybe just one as an ID for baby Ben


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