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How to Make a Friendly Plastic Bead and Copper Wire Bangle Tutorial

It never fails.  Something that was popular a few decades ago, becomes popular once again.  It is like a new generation rediscovers an old favorite. So it is with Friendly Plastic.  This craft material is a low heat polymer which molds very easily with just fingers.

This colorful Friendly Plastic bead and copper wire bangle video tutorial is by Linda Petersen who designs for the company which makes the product. The metallic colors are certainly intriguing. The project details are on the blog.  This technique is so much quicker than with polymer clay.

She sometimes uses warm water to soften the plastic.  But in this case, she is using a hot air blower. While warm, the plastic will adhere to surfaces including the wire she used for the bangle.  Non stick surfaces can be waxed paper or the kind bakers use.

She doesn't show the complete bending of the wire bangle - I suggest using a suitable mandrel like a tin can to help you.  You can add wire loops to the ends and add a clasp.  Or you could do what the instructor did which is use the excess wire to wrap around the bangle itself.

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  1. I thought this was a great bracelet when I came across it. Friendly plastic has such beautiful colours really!

    It's too bad they have stopped making the strips and it's just pellets now but I saw there was a tutorial on how to get the same look that the metallic strips had....always worth a try.

    1. Thanks for the update! Products change all the time.

    2. BTW it is just as easy to create the strips from the pellets yourself.

  2. Like aims, I began looking around for the strips and found they were unavailable. It's a shame because the bracelet is truly lovely and when I first glanced at its photo I thought the bracelet was made with glass beads.
    Guess things change but I cannot understand the advantage of the pellets over the strips ?


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