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A Curly Leaf Tree of Life Pendant Tutorial to Try!

I am always on the lookout for tutorials which are just a little different.  So I was delighted when reader Jill Norman of  New Zealand shared her tutorial on how to make a curly leaf tree of life pendant on her site, BeadBugs and Earwear. This is her first and only tutorial!

I like how she included the "moon" and  used different colored wire to add color to the design. It is easy enough for beginners to try.

What was clever was how she deliberately use coiled green wire which was then unraveled and woven in and out of the copper "tree branches".

Also check out how she made the bail part.  Again a different touch.  Thanks, Jill!

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  1. Love the way she did the bail. I believe I like her second version the best. The contrast between the curly leaves and the branches is more distinct and her use of a coin bead for the moon makes it look more realistic.

  2. On second thought - the use of the coin bead must be her first version as it's the one she uses in the tutorial . . . or maybe it is just a trick of the camera that makes the other bead look like it's completely round like a pearl bead ?

    1. It doesn't matter what kind of bead so long it resembles the moon, right?

    2. So right Pearl. The moon is round so that's all that matters. :)

    3. Hi Almost Precious - the white bead is a round one off some christmas decorations, and the other coin bead is a mother of pearl shell bead so you weren't far off - and yes Airstreams & Beadbugs go well together, might go touring around New Zealand & sell my BeadBugs out of the Airstream - thanks for your comments-

  3. Well Pearl - you really got my attention with this one! Jill's tutorial is great! And then of course I got caught up in her other creations and then her website on her Airstreams and other trailers....oh my!
    Jewelry - New Zealand - and trailers. You couldn't have hit me on the head any harder than with this!

    1. New Zealand must be fantastic to explore with an Airstream!!


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