Bib necklaces are spectacular statement pieces.  Make them colorful and one of a kind and they will be stunning.  Check out Mark Montano's tutorial for a colorful lace bib necklace - he calls it the Free People Inspired Boho necklace.  He used many things  -"everything but the kitchen sink" - like dimensional paint, beads, chains and so on.  I thought the basic craft idea is most versatile and can be adapted according to personal jewelry making preferences.

For example, builds up his base lace bib from different cutouts by gluing.  This crafter uses a lot of E6000! If you are not keen on glue, sew the pieces together.  Also consider using bead embroidery techniques to sew on the beads and chains.  I have beaded on metal filigrees before. So why not on lace sections?

This project is also useful if you have bits of broken jewelry or have some small vintage brooches to use up.

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