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Easy Spiral Wire Based Jewelry Tutoriasl Using Thick Wire

Making a thick wire cuff bracelet is not only quick to accomplish but the larger gauge makes it more visible and durable.  Check out Nova Scotian's fun set of 3 video tutorials on how to make easy sprial based jewelry using thick wire.  She is quite the character!

 Her Atlantic Waves cuff bracelet video tutorial requires working with 10G wire which is very thick wire indeed. But if you can accomplish this, the cuff becomes an armature for adding wire wrapped beads!

The pendant version might be easier as she recommends starting with 14G wire although you could try other gauges as well.  I agree with her brass wire can be tougher to work with. Texturing with the round part of a hammer adds interest to piece as well hammering flat.  This tutorial is worth a watch to see how she measures and gets the right length of wire to bend for the bail.

The earrings require the smallest gauge wire - 16G.  She uses another kind of wire straightening tool rather than the usual nylon jawed plier type. I recommend you use the latter to hold spirals so the wire doesn't get marred. It also helps to move the wire with the left hand,not the pliers itself to form the spiral.

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  1. These are all great! I actually sat and watched all the!
    I laughed when she said she made a cuff while soaking in the bathtub!! Who does that?!! Ummmm...... :0)

    Doing the earrings had my eyes going a bit wonky. I think I have to have the wire in my hands to be able to mirror them - otherwise I just can't link the two together - I'm weird like that.

    That being said - so many people like to buy the matching set so offering all of them is such a great idea!

    The other thing I noted is that as a wire worker and metalsmith the sound of the hammer on the bench block didn't even bother me - in fact I kind of laughed at my noticing's like music to my ears!

    1. I agree - the earrings can be a bit of a challenge. It's not so much music to my own ears but I do go to a happy place when I am making jewelry!

  2. I love this channel and have tried my hand at some tutorials. Very clear and comprehensive!


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