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How to Photograph Jewelry Webinar on September 20

School's back in session. The busy fall season has begun!  I do have space for my  next scheduled How to Photograph Jewelry webinar on Sunday September 20. So if you are not busy or on holiday and would like to participate, just email me at

Not sure what it is all about?  Just check this info page.   You can also sign up for the webinar mailing list to be informed about the next one  - it's where I usually send out the webinar dates.

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  1. Now that summer is over and my selling season switches to Christmas sales and shows or actually taking photographs and putting them on my website....
    I of course thought of you and this seminar which is excellent! My pages of notes is going to come in handy and if not I'm signing up to take it again because it's such an excellent seminar!
    When it comes to teaching and tutorials you absolutely rock Pearl!!

  2. Aw shucks, thanks! I have updated the webinar since you took it.

  3. Pearl - I am REALLY Looking forward to the Webinar on Sunday!!!


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