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Spectacular Egyptian Beaded Collar Necklace Tutorial

The Ancient Egyptians were masters of the layered collar necklaces. The spectacular designs were usually worn by the royals and high ranking individuals. The style is still popular today This tutorial for "The Prince's Necklace " is by Antoniraj over on Instructables.

It is not difficult to make - just lots and lots of wire wrapping beaded head pins!  The collar does not appear to sit flat on the collar bone as wire was used to to create the horizontal support. You could switch out to beading wire support if preferred.  Also instead of using beaded head pins, you could use beading wire and crimp beads for the verticals.

The designer could not find a scarab so a bright blue crystal was used instead.

Check out the links below for outstanding designers who rock this style!

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  1. Reading the tutorial and the comments, I see it took her almost a week to make this piece. What a labour of love!

    With the collar standing up as it does I think it would look lovely with something strapless. Or on a garment with a low boat neck or even a turtleneck. With it being shown on a young boy you really can't get an exact idea of how it's going to sit on a woman.

    Depending on your garment of choice you could go any colour of metal or beads.

    It's that time of year where I look at everything with an eye of how to sell it at upcoming shows and sales. You have to think of what you are going to say to a customer about the piece or how to wear it and with what.

    Expect more comments along this line from me between now and Christmas... :0)

  2. I agree that the outfit matters for Egyptian collar necklaces. This is the sort of statement piece for evening gowns as you say! I always look forward to your wonderful comments!


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