Beading does lend itself to some wonderful lace inspired designs if one has the time and patience. The three tutorials here remind me of handmade lace, tatting or crochet work. The first tutorial from reminds me of old fashioned lace collars.  This tutorial does not need to be translated as there is a diagram. Not sure what is going on with the clasp area, though.

I also love this all black design from Beads Magic which resembles tatting in a way. It also reminds me of Victorian era mourning jewelry.  The tutorial doesn't include the bead woven cabochon, just the main part of the necklace.

This lovely design and hand written diagram is hard to see but it definitely has the look of lace! The Waltz Lace necklace tutorial is by Natalia Zavgorodniy over on Morebisera.

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