Thin bracelets with a single line of gemstones are called tennis bracelets.  They weren't known as tennis bracelets until Chris Evert, the US pro tennis player halted a match because her delicate diamond bracelet clasp had broken and she needed time to look for the missing bracelet.  (Update : apparently, this story is incorrect - the name tennis bracelet was already in use before that incident.)

If you like the look of narrow bracelets then these 3 tennis and skinny beaded bracelet tutorials are for you!
First up is Sandra Halpenny's easy peasy beaded tennis bracelet tutorial (above). It is so light and will be easy to wear. Not to mention cheaper than a whole row of real diamonds! I think the offset bicones really make this design elegant.

Deborah Roberti over on Around the Beading Table has a wonderful skinny bracelet tutorial using RAW (right angle weave) that's easy to do.

Deborah also has another RAW bracelet tutorial  which is also on the skinny side.

I also liked the O Pods bracelet video tutorial by the Potomac company - the little Miyuki beads on top of the O beads make them a little like little diamonds!

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