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Colorful Waxed Linen Jewelry by Moth Jewelry

Waxed linen cord is not a popular material for jewelry making.  But one artisan who makes really lovely and colorful waxed linen jewelry is fellow Canadian, Leslie Howchin of Moth Jewelry.  She makes mostly bracelets with multiple cords, adorned with different buttons, beads and other metal accents.

Leslie said, "Waxed linen is a wonderful material to work with, and I like that its an alternative to traditional jewelry choices. My style is also very unique. I get clients who have had people recognize my pieces in different cities, even different countries!"  Her bracelets are stunning when worn in multiples. And comfortable too.

Leslie studied silversmithing at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She was also a master henna artist. These days she works full time making jewelry after she gave up her regular job creating custom silicone prosthetics for amputees nine years ago. She moved permanently to the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario.

She says, "I am always inspired by the color in nature. Muskoka, where I live is a vast palate of colors, always in flux, throughout the year."  She adds, "I love interacting with people at Outdoor art shows and festivals during the summer. Every season I curate a schedule of the best art shows and then tour Ontario. My home base market, Gravenhurst Farmers Market is my ultimate favorite."

Leslie has one of the coolest studios I have ever seen - a little cabin by Lake Kahshe. She's also got another lovely cabin for rent for those who seek a moment of solitude, peace and quiet from busy lives.

Moth Jewelry Studio
And the view from that studio? Simply inspiring!  As is her jewelry.

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  1. Hi Pearl, thank you for sharing Moth Jewelry. Such beautiful bracelets, of course I'm very attracted to the bright colors.... Patricia B

  2. What a fabulous profile article. I really enjoyed it. How does Leslie attach the large pieces of hardware, like the button. It looks like she cuts the one side of the bracelet.

  3. This artist's work is inspiring. The waxed linen colors are breathtaking and the artistry of design is lovely. Thanks for sharing this artist's work.

  4. The multiple threads are fabulous and don't need a lot of additional adornments, just one focal bead is enough for a full and eye-catching effect!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! The combination of colours and attachments just rocked my socks!

    Not only that - but I had this feeling as I reading that I would know where Leslie lives - and sure enough! I know Gravenhurst (and Bala) very well. Now I'm very homesick!

    Leslie's studio - oh my! And her talents - OMG!! (I'm turning green I think....)

    Thanks for this profile Pearl. I know it will be totally inspirational for me!

  6. Isn't it amazing how some of the simplest in design is the most lovely? Her colors are splendid! Do you think she would share some of her technique with us?

    1. I don't know if she has any plans to write a tutorial. You'll have to ask Leslie!


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