The biggest thing about handmade jewelry is the ability to make adornments not in the slightest bit like store bought ones.  And when the artisan can make miniature jewelry, my admiration grows. Paris based artisan HoKiou makes delightful miniature polymer clay dioramas underneath hand blown glass domes.

My favorites were the Halloween themed dioramas - perfect timing for the season!  Her ability to work in such  small scale is impressive. The glass dome is only 7/8 inch (2 cm)  across.  The cat and the pumpkin above measure just a scant 1/4 inch (0.7 cm) each!   The owl below is 1/8 inches (0.3 cm) tall.  The detailed bowed legged chair is 1/4 inch (0.7 cm) tall.

This scary house from a scary movie has teensy weensy bats on wire.

She also creates scenes from fairy tales. Her collection of winter themed ones are remarkable. One favorite is the ring with clouds and falling snow.  If you've ever wanted to wear a rainbow - now you can! A charming collection indeed!

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