My jewelry making friend Aims and I have had a long standing discussion on whether ball chains cheapen jewelry designs.  I, for one, like ball chain. I wear them and I have seen others do so. There is something delicate about them. You also see them used a lot on selling sites like Etsy. Aims herself used them....until this year.

Resin Dragon Pendant Necklace with Ball Chain 

Aims said her family have been on at her about her using ball chain. They don't like it. Her brother said "Ball chain is for light switches and dog tags".  So as an experiment, she removed the ball chains and switched to regular chains for some of her items. And bingo, they sold immediately! Her remaining owl necklace designs with doubled up ball chains haven't moved at all!

Resin Dragon Pendant Necklace with Curb Chain
I wonder why it is popular say on Etsy.  Is it because people like them for the look or because ball chains are inexpensive?

So in an effort to answer this question, I have here one of my designs in my Etsy store, a resin dragon necklace as an example sporting two different chains. It hasn't sold!

What do YOU think?  Please comment below.

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