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With Halloween just days away, you might want to whip up a pair of quick earrings so you are rarin' to go for some ghoulish fun.  This easy wire wrapped spider web earrings video tutorial is by Abbi Berta of The Bead Place (they sell the kits for this too). It is important to use the right gauge wire for this project - hard wire for the spokes and soft for the wrapping.  The hard wire spokes are less likely to bend.

This is a basic design.  You can definitely embellish it further like adding either a tiny plastic spider or make a wire and seed bead one to add to the web!

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  1. These don't just have to be for Halloween!

    I can see if you added sparklies to the wraps that they would be stunning. Any kind would do - glass beads - pearls - silver beads....wowza!!

    I think for a more spider web effect that you might be able to wrap your wire in a more eclectic fashion giving off the appearance of a true spider web. Would have to test that out to be sure it's possible....but I'm sure some of those with great wire wrapping efficiency would be able to do it.

  2. Loved the tutorial! I can picture myself making a necklace out of these , and using them as links soon....
    Thanks Pearl for sharing this tutorial by Abbi Berta :)

    1. You're welcome. BTW, what a splendid idea about linking several for a necklace!


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