Friday, October 28, 2011

More Spider Jewelry to Make Tutorials

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Some of you probably cringe at the sight of spiders even the fake varieties!  But for others, spiders are just a part of Halloween fun.   For Sarah, who writes the Saturday Sequins blog, Halloween is not just for a single day but the whole month!

Sequins are her thing so check out her tutorial which makes use of large sequins as discs and spider confetti! It's a really quick project to complete.

Kathy Shaw's lovely beaded spider tutorial are a variation of the popular wire and bead made ones which I have covered before.

However her bead choices are what made the spider below attractive.  She has other wonderful spider designs here.

For more ways to make spiders, check the link below or perhaps the butterfly or dragonfly ones if spiders freak you out!

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  1. Just beautiful......but creepy!!!!

  2. Thanks for featuring my spiders, Pearl!

    I'm in love with the beaded one. If a pink spider like that crawled on me, I'd let it stay! :)

  3. I would also allow the pink spider to stay! beautiful. don't think i could wear the little ones though....i am envisioning a day of me thinking bugs are crawling all over me every five minutes! cool though :)

  4. LOL! That's probably why many people are turned off spider jewelry. But fluttery butterflies are different!

  5. My husband works with a lady who is so scared of spiders that she can't deal even with the plastic ones still in their packaging.

  6. This is truly a very well dressed spider. Bet it's a lady arachnid because she's wearing pink. Yes, even spiders are pretty in pink. :D

  7. LOL! I think you're right, it is a lady spider!