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Use Headpins Instead of Rivets to Finish Leather Bracelets

There is an absolutely necessary step when working with leather strip bracelets (those which do not use glue-on end caps. Usually a rivet is used to hold the folded over leather together.  But not everyone wants to rivet. So check out this clever tutorial by Caroline Dewison over on Art Jewelry Elements where she used headpins instead of rivets to finish leather bracelets.

The glass headpins were used to first go through a prepared hole in the leather. The wire portion of the headpin is then used to wrap around the leather on both sides of the glass.  Caroline also used the same technique to embellish other parts of the bracelet.

The headpins were made by Jen Cameron, a glass artist.  An alternative to handmade glass headpins is to use a regular headpin or balled headpin and add metal and/or bead rondelles.

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  1. Hi Pearl, I love that headpin idea. Thank you for sharing the Art Jewelry Elements blog. I am so happy I found your blog, so much great information and ideas. Thank you! Patricia B

    1. And I am so pleased you find my blog useful! It is for all creative souls like yourself!

  2. I think this makes such an attractive bracelet!

    Even using your own hand made balled wire would make it look unique. You could hammer the balled end flat. In fact I think I'd do both ends balled and do a neat wrap with that. If you couldn't get the balled end through the hole - which is probably what you want anyway - if you had a long enough piece of wire you could ball the straight end after you put it through (if you are careful).

    This got my mind racing when I saw it!!

    1. Yes, the tutorial has wonderful potential for other unique finishes!


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