We can learn a lot from watching jewelry designers. Each has his or her own way of making jewelry. Australian artisan, Soham Harrison is one of those who shares many tips as he demonstrates how he makes his simple yet innovative designs.  In his first video tutorial, he shows how he makes his spinning hoop earrings.  It is a clever way of using short lengths of wire tubes. The hoops are soldered to these tubes which rotate freely around the bottom end of the ear wires.

This tutorial requires hard soldering - using a torch to solder the fine or sterling silver. Even if you are not into hot connections, it is well worth watching for his wonderful and easy tips, some of which can be applied to one's own designs. .For instance, he shares how he makes wire hoops where the ends just touch. I like how he textures the hoop towards the end.

The second video tutorial is a variation of the first where he adds a cup and half drilled pearl at the end of each ear wire. This one contains many tips.  My favorites have to be the use of post it notes as the place to put glue on - the paper won't move or fly away.  He also leaves the toothpick used for applying the glue (for attaching the half drilled pearl) right on the post it note. Once he can pick up both toothpick and paper together, then he also knows the glue for the half drilled pearl has set!

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