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Polymer Clay Halloween Bracelet Tutorial | Wonderful Example of Themed Jewelry Designing

You could easily buy charms to make themed jewelry.  But why not craft them yourself using polymer clay?  One wonderful designer and instructor is Irina Ivanitskaya whose video tutorial for a polymer clay Halloween bracelet is a delight in more ways than one. A must see!

Firstly, it is very well produced and edited.   The close up focus, efficiently executed tutorial as well as clear pictures of the completed project are most appreciated.

Irina wears gloves which eliminates the fingerprint issue! She also demonstrates the creative uses of the tools for detail work.  What I loved was how she spaced out the elements.  I bet you didn't notice the little black crystals.  But they do fill up some of the empty spaces and they add to the design.

So, you thinking what I am thinking?

Take Christmas for starters....
Christmas trees, stars, angels, wrapped gifts, Santa Claus etc

How about Valentine's Day?
Hearts, ruby red lips, wrapped gifts, flowers etc

Then there is Easter,
Bunnies, baskets, eggs, crosses, chicks etc

You get my drift.

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  1. Laughing - I get your drift!!

    Great tutorial! The only thing missing is a list of what tools she used. I would love to know the names of them....other than that...perfecto!

    1. These are the standard sculpting polymer clay tools you get in sets. Check your local Michaels! And don't get mad with me when you drop $$$ there!


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