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A Collection of 5 Wire Wrapped Rings Tutorials

Wire wrapped rings tutorials are always popular!  So here is a collection of my favorites from Instructables. First up is the traditional style ring tutorial by a wonderful wire artist, Rhonda Chase. The use of square wire and the twisted wire accents do add to the design.

I also liked the delicate wire weaving in this tutorial by watchmeflyy.

This spiral galaxy inspired tutorial by Emily van Leemput is a lovely variation of the the rosette ring  - she kept only the first part of the spiral.

The zig zag wire wrapped ring tutorial by wombatmorrison uses silver tubes.  I would use metal tubes rather than glass bugles.

This Double Heart wire wrapped ring tutorial by DaisyD is also different.

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1 comment:

  1. I like wire wrapped rings.

    I'm not sure which is my favourite in these but the look of the square wire is very appealing!

    With the wire weaving design - are we looking at the bottom of the ring instead of the top design - or I suppose you could wear it any way you wanted - but it seems to me that the top design is what was used to stabilize the ring for photography....hmmmm.....

    Rings are such a personal thing. I like mine to be thick and noticeable. Then again, I do wear my mother's wedding ring which is just a thin band of gold that is slowly wearing away....


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