There are many jewelry designers who do beautiful work. But only a few excel at creating amazing work which stands out above the crowd. Romanian artist, Alina, of Rocktime on Etsy, excels at wire wrapped ear cuff artistry! It is an incredible niche as she makes wire work creations which delight not only  people who appreciate her skills but draws in people who like nature, steampunk and fantasy.

Alina is a work at home mother. Making jewelry is clearly her passion as she said,"I will never make jewelry only for money."  Every piece has "has a bit of my soul inside it."  

Her wire wrapped animals are outstanding not just as a design but also because the functional parts of an ear cuff are integrated into the designs. My favorites were her sea horses and dragons.

Her talent for being able to translate a subject into a wonderful ear cuff is evident - the saxophone and tribal designs are examples. I also loved how she sometimes paired an ear cuff with a simpler, smaller complimentary design for the other ear.

Alina accepts custom orders although as all wire work designers will attest, it is impossible to make an exact duplicate. As she puts it herself, "Each creation is an experience, a feeling, each time a different one, unique, unrepeatable."

Alina is also offering a special 10% discount for anything from her store for readers of this blog.  Please use this discount code : ROCKTIME3

Tribal Asymmetrical Ear Cuffs

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