Beaders love working in color.  But sometimes we are stumped and need inspiration for color combinations.  So here is a quick way to custom your own color blends using your own photographs taken on your smartphones.  Adobe Color CC for iPhone and Android phones  is a free app and is really easy color palette generator to use.

I had fun with 3 of my own photos - a Montreal cityscape, a Cuban beach scene and spring flowers in my garden - all captured on my iPhone 5.  After the app opens up each photo from the camera roll, the software immediately picks out key color elements from the image and displays the palette at the top.

The Adobe Color CC app also lets you custom the color combination - just place your finger on any of the colored circles and move it to where you want.  They call this the interactive color wheel!  As you can see from the left picture above, I had changed the rightmost color to a dark grey by moving the circle to an area of that color.  Or, just touch the smiley face and select one of the preset color modes.
Pretty much any photograph will work although the result will range.  My beach scene generated more subdued tones compared to the bright colors of the spring flowers picture. You can even generate a palette from photos of  past jewelry designs, pets, people and so on.

When you are happy with the color combinations, just save them to the app library.  You can now easily choose a beading color scheme for your next beading project!


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