Playing around with mandrels and pliers is worth the time. That's how one comes up with ideas.  One wire flower earrings tutorial I really like is by Albina Maning over on Keeping Things Simple.  It is formed from a wire coil.  It makes a great frame for an internal ring of beads.

This tutorial by Genedes has a central spiral in the middle.  Varying the size will create either earrings or a pendant. Note, you cannot translate the actual French tutorial because it is an image. But the pictures make the post self-explanatory. Again this basic tutorial perfect for wire wrapping in beads.

This tutorial by Andi over on Bizsugar is lovely too with her even wire loops forming the petals around the bead.  She also has a lovely ring tutorial to match.

Note that all three tutorials use thick wire. I would work with soft temper 18G wire as the resulting designs will look better.

Be sure to check out the links below for even more inspiration!

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