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Resin Clay Crystal Stud Earrings Tutorial with Dangles

If you've not considered using resin clay before, maybe this lovely tutorial by Mylene Hillam of Mill Lane Studio will convince you!  She designed this resin clay stud earrings tutorial which is reminiscent of Princess Diana's blue and diamond sapphire ring!

Resin clay work is an easy way to make pavé inspired jewelry as the surface is covered with rhinestones.  Resin clay is also a 2 part epoxy so you have to mix both parts to activate the hardening reaction.

Mylene also attached stud earring findings behind and used the loops to hang the dangles. Great variation!

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  1. When I dropped in to my local Michaels last week I asked them what aisle I could find the resin clay in...(because of you). They had never heard of it. I was stunned!

    Guess it's not popular enough (think big sales) for them to carry it.

    1. I do not know why Michaels doesn't carry them. You can get them from art stores or from jewelry suppliers. Woodworking shops also stock them.


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