Don't you love it when you don't have to be precise when working with wire? If you recall, I did a wire wrapped bangle some time ago using a tool to help me make the informally coiled wire foundation.  Well, check out this video tutorial by Liz who does all the wrapping with just her hands.  She uses 14-18 G soft wire.

She forms the base coil using a bracelet mandrel. If you don't have this tool, try a tin can or the appropriate sized pipe from the car exhaust section of your local hardware store.  I prefer the latter as I can hammer on it. A food can is different as I would be concerned about the integrity of the can itself after some blows!  However the tapered mandrel is excellent for resizing so it will be handy to have one,


But once formed, she makes a couple of passes with lengths of wire.  Watch how she begins and ends each length of wire she adds. Also take a look at the ring she wears! Yup. You can make a ring int he same fashion too!

The finished copper design looks best if you patina it. Liz does not show the patination step. One easy way to patina copper is to use Gun Blue (or alternatively liver of sulfur gel). Once you get the dark color, take out the piece, rinse and dry. Then use #0000 steel wool to shine up the raised parts.

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