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Ribbon and Gemstone Necklace Tutorial

I like this ribbon and gemstone necklace tutorial from Halcraft for a number of reasons.  The boho chic design combines one of my favorite color duos - green and purple.  The choice of the sage ribbon meant it teamed up beautifully with the vintage brass findings, chain and wire.  The chain also ties in the gemstone nuggets with the rest of the necklace. 
The ribbon lengths were also doubled up which gives the ribbon portion more definition than if it was just a single layer. I also thought the wire wrapping on the ribbon gave a good finish to the design.

There are so very many ways to incorporate ribbon into designs, not just use them like chains for necklaces.  So get your creative juices going and try something different.

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  1. I love this necklace. Thanks for posting the link to the tutorial. I don't think I'd seen it on their site before.

  2. Using the seed beads to make a loop like that is a great idea.

    I'm not sure if I like the chain - wondering if it would be just fine without it. I understand wanting to add a little extra doodad - but I'm wondering if strung seed beads instead of the chain would make it look more cohesive.....

    1. I think the chain adds to the design, making it different. But I agree seed beads is another alternative.

  3. Sounds like an interesting design, will check it out

  4. It is amazing what a small detail can do sometimes, like the chain in this case - it both upgrades the appearance and keeps the strands together!

    1. I agree with you- the chain does add to the design. Yup. Form AND function!


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