So many of you loved the resin jewelry supplies giveaway last week! The 3 companion dandelion and dried flower jewelry tutorials (links below) I published were a runaway success - probably my most popular ones ever.  It's not hard to understand why.  Resin enables you to capture and freeze a little bit of nature.

Many of you wanted to try resin jewelry.  Denise McCabe said, "Resin is one of those jewelry things that I'm a little fearful to start - what if my item inside the resin doesn't hold its color? What if the bezel is wasted because the resin item didn't come out right?"  Sometimes, you've got to take a leap of faith and just try! Part of the fun is to experiment and see what works.  As you can see from my oopsies, I too had to learn!

Two people also asked how I avoided the bedraggled look with the dandelion clock.  Kimberly asked, "How did you get the dandelion clocks to not have a matted look when you put them in the resin? I'm thinking about doing a few individual seeds for wish pendants, but don't want them to turn out looking like a wet, bedraggled seed. Yours seem to look very nice and fluffy just as they were in the grass."  The answer is easy. Nothing. If you put dandelion clocks into water, they will indeed be a soggy mess. You do not get the same effect with resin which is a polymer.

Not all were resin newbies. One reader, Linda offered this handy tip in response to the How to Make Real Flower Resin Jewelry post,  "Pearl, to get a shiny surface after sanding, just paint a thin layer of resin where you sanded. Or, if you aren't going to sell it, and don't feel like mixing up more resin (since there is a minimum amount you must mix for it to set), use clear nail polish. Works like a charm."  Awesome and thanks for sharing!

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to pick the winner.  The winner is Eva Krueger!  Congratulations!

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