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Wire Wrapped Masks and Bridal Jewelry by Rosanna Gioielli

Wire is a wonderful medium for all sorts of creative handmade jewelry designs.  But such designs are more that that for wire artist, Rosanna Gioielli.  She says,  "They are my representation that jewelry is not only an accessory but it is an art form."  Of English-Italian parentage, Rosanna was born in the UK but spent her formative years in Italy. Trained as a graphic designer, she also took courses in jewelry making and made the jump to jewelry designing about a decade ago.

One of her favorite things to create are her fabulous wire wrapped masks.  Hers is a freestyle approach with swirls and curves.  She specializes in bridal jewelry and her unique organic wire design style carries through to gorgeous wire and bead bouquets as well as wire wrapped head pieces. Truly one of a kind designs for a bride's special day.

This inspiring artisan is a full-time jewelry designer and is the in house designer for a UK jewelry TV channel.

These were taken at a recent Best Model of The World (Malta) show :

Additional credits :
Dainius Photography (Studio photography)
Tonio Magro (Catwalk Photography)
Monika Balzarytè Makeup artist
Intelli Heat for sponsoring the models


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  1. These are extraordinary!! I never realised until now that western brides wore such extravagant jewelry at their wedding

    1. I don't think most western brides wear extravagant jewelry but those who wish for something more unique would pick a designer such as Rosanna.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous. Wish I had somewhere to wear one.

  3. Oh MY!

    Romance and beauty all 'wrapped' into one!

    Gorgeous designs! I love that she goes with how she feels....

  4. These are just stunning.

  5. Thank you for all your beautiful comments and to the lovely Pearl Blay to take the time and interest in my work.
    I am very pleased to be featured in Beading Gem Blog xxxLovexxx


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