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Cord and Ball Chain Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial

Were you one of those who resolved not to use ball chain any more after the poll "Do Ball Chains Cheapen Jewelry Designs"? Well then, here is the perfect tutorial for you to use up the ball chains in another way other than as a chain. The tutorial for a cord and ball chain wrapped bracelet is by Grace Atwood over on The Stripe.

As you can see, the ball chain bracelets in the above photo do team up well with other kinds of wrapped bracelets.

Also consider using metal cord ends, jump rings and clasps for the bracelet ends.

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  1. Why am I not surprised you've come up with something brilliant to do with ball chain?!!!

    This is a great idea - I've got tons of different colours of the stuff in different sizes that I want to get rid of. Plus I have the waxed linen in a couple of different colours.

    I think making it longer and adding a loop and button would make them look fab!! I find tying a knot on something on my wrist is really hard to do by myself. So adding some kind of closure that you can manipulate easily with one hand is always a bonus.

    1. I agree a proper closure is best. But the tutorial is a great idea for ball chain!

  2. Thank you for an amazing idea!! Patricia B


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