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Beaded wreath earrings are not only fun but quick to make.  One added advantage is they can also be used as ornaments!   So here are 3 awesome beaded wreath earrings I absolutely love.  The first is wire work; the other two are beadwork.   The wire work tutorial is by Christina of CSL Designs.

She uses the Coiling Gizmo created the coiled wire tube which is then bent to form the wreath.

Kelly of Off the Beaded Path has a gorgeous beaded wreath earrings tutorial using crystals. She uses 2 needle RAW.  This design will work up fast! I love how she added a ring of red crystals which gave better definition to the wreaths.

She actually presented the beaded wreath pendant tutorial first. Many wanted the earrings to match. If you want to make the pendant, this tutorial shows how to make the larger version.

Prefer to use seed beads? Gianna Zimmerman of Beading4Perfectionists' tutorial creates a really pretty pair using cubic RAW (right angle weave). The cubic round is the wreath foundation.

There should still be plenty of time to make some for gifts, right?


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  1. It's fun to see people wearing jewelry that matches the event.

    I have a couple of pair of designated Christmas only earrings - one pair with bells that drive everyone nuts except me - that I pull out of the box in a couple of weeks.

    Sometimes I worry about fashion trends.... :0)

  2. These will be very pretty as ornaments or special holiday tags (I'm not a fan of event related jewelry). I think I might even make some for Christmas!


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