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4 Pip Beaded Earrings Tutorials to Try!

Pip beads from Preciosa Ornela are fun to work with.  They are petal shaped so are often used in floral designs. Here are 4 pip beaded earrings tutorials to try!  Ulrika of Pretty Nett's earrings tutorial shows the pips used at the bottom of her orchid flowers.

British designer, Kerrie Slade, came up with these pip bead cufflinks.  But her tutorial can certainly be adapted to stud earrings merely by using the right findings!

The Jasmine flower jewelry tutorial by Olga Haserodt over on the Preciosa Ornela site is versatile as you can make other jewelry items with it.

The elegant earrings design by Alessia Principe is well named. It is called Romance.  Her video tutorial is in Italian (no longer available) but you can follow her without the sound if you don't understand the language. Also consider doing just one of the motifs rather than both if long dangles are not your style.

Also check out my past tutorial post on beading pip flowers onto metal filigrees if you missed them the first time round :

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  1. Since The Man is a huge cufflink fan - I had to check out the tutorial. Who would have thought of using pips to make cufflinks. Not me - ever! But they do look rather elegant. It certainly would be easy to make studs like that as the gluing is all it takes to add them to whatever. Even button covers!

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, you can glue them to blank rings, bezel pendants etc! The possibilities are endless!


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