Gülnur Özdağlar is an award winning Turkish architect who has a passion for recycling unwanted material such as PET (plastic) bottles for water and beverages into something beautiful to wear.  Her gorgeous PET upcycled jewelry achieves that aim in spades. 

Upcycled Bridal Hair Picks

She collects and sorts the PET plastic by color.  She then cuts, heats, reshape and drill holes into the PET pieces.  These become lovely transparent and translucent floral inspired clusters which she then transforms into jewelry designs. 

Gülnur has a wonderful eye for color, form and placement when working with the pliable material.  It is no surprise to learn her other accomplishments include the fields of graphic design and photography. 

Gülnur also proves how beautiful her upcycled creations can truly be with her bridal section.  The PET flowers are used as hair jewelry picks, in bouquets, groom corsages and in the table decoration.