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Useful Free Printable Graph Paper for Different Beading Stitches

Color pencils and a blank beading graph paper help us plot out our beaded designs. Experimenting before you actually bead anything is a good thing. Here are some useful printable charts for different beading stitches.  Free. The way we like it.

I was trying to design a diamond shaped brick stitched earrings above. The printable graph papers came from Fire Mountain Gems.  They have the following charts available for download  (by Marylynn McNutt).  Note these are not scaled to any bead size. Easier to see and color.

  • Square or loom work 
  • Peyote stitch 
  • 2-drop peyote stitch 
  • Right-angle weave, 1x1
  • Right-angle weave, 3x3
  • Brick stitch 

Fusion Beads has charts for 2 different bead sizes for each beading stitch.  These are scaled to the size of the actual beads so you will have a better idea of how big the final design will be.  Use the Fire Mountain graph paper above f you are struggling to see the smaller spaces.

They have both Size 11 and 8 seed bead graphing paper in the following stitches :

  • Peyote stitch 
  • 2-drop Peyote stitch  
  • 3-drop Peyote stitch 
  • Brick stitch 
  • Herringbone stitch 
  • Loom size 11
  • Right-angle weave
  • Square
  • Crochet Rope stitch

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  1. Imagine recognizing the need for this......

  2. Replies
    1. Janice, try again. I changed the fusion beads link to one that would work better. Scroll down the page to see them.

  3. Link for Fusion Beads

  4. take the graph paper to a copy shop and copy onto a clear plastic page protector. then you can slip photos or pictures from newspapers and magazines in the pocket,giving you a graph that you can use to bead from! this will also work with regular graph paper to make charts for counted cross stitch and needlepoint.

    1. Brilliant suggestion, Kat! We could also just print on overhead projector clear sheets.


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