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i-Loom | Hi Tech Friendship Bracelet Loom

There are a number of friendship bracelet looms available as craft kits for kids.  But recently, one has gone high tech! It makes learning and making friendship bracelets much easier and a lot more fun. Not just for kids but for adults too! If you've ever struggled with macrame, this might be a good solution.

The recently released Style Me Up i-Loom  ($39) is a friendship bracelet loom designed to be used with an iPad or iPad mini (no word yet on Android tablets).  The accompanying iOS app provides the animated tutorials whereby beginners can learn how to do macrame knotting.  Beyond that, users can customize more complex designs using the various patterns. As you can see from the video, the i-loom app offers ways to connect with social media so users can share their designs and so on.

Like a lot of game apps, the i-Loom has in-app purchases for more patterns. But it also allows users to accumulate points called loomies in order to access more patterns - if they are willing to be patient.

This is an intriguing tool, one which I am tempted to get.  Keeping track of intricate macrame bracelets is sometimes challenging.  Would you get one?

Disclosure : I have no association with the manufacturer. Please note this blog uses affiliate links where I get compensated with a small fee for purchases made through it.

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  1. This loom looks like fun. Many design options

  2. Really interesting way to do macrame - thanks for posting this.

  3. What a great idea! I think you should have posted this pre-Christmas for those women who need to give their partners an idea of what they want under the tree! :0)

    Now I'll have to wait until an android version comes out.

    My answer is yes - I'd buy this. I think it's brilliant. I can see it on my lap as I sit and (sort of) watch tv.....

    1. Yes, I should have posted it earlier! But readers can always hint for birthdays etc!! We are easy to buy for.

      I am very keen to buy this as I just get lost sometimes with macrame so this guide is super duper!


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