You really, really, really like wire.  The entries almost went through the roof for the Parawire giveaway last week. No wonder.  They do have a huge range of colors and gauges.  Plus the opportunity to buy in very large spools.  Don't forget the 10% discount code for the rest of December is bg1215 

The wire can be used for many techniques.  Wayne wrote, "I love to use wire in my Kumihimo projects. I can already see dozens of projects for the wire. I wasn't familiar with them and am excited to find a source of so many colors and gauges."

Besides kumihimo, chain maille artists like the range of consistent colors. The protective coating is beneficial and a step above using anodized aluminum. I find I have to add a rubber coating to pliers for the latter. Genny said, "I've used Parawire for almost everything except soldering for many years. I made my own jump rings for my chainmaille classes. I also sold my jump rings."  Indeed, I am now using Parawire for my own classes.

Rhonda sure liked the protective coating, "I love, love, love not having to seal the wire to protect the finish!"

One lucky winner is just about to go on a Parawire shopping spree! I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to pick the winner!  It is Rhonda!  Congratulations!  Please note there were 2 Rhondas - the winner has the username ladytess57
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