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Hand Drawn Animal Art Jewelry by Periwinkle Nuthatch

There are many ways artists can express themselves in wearable art designs. One of New York based Emily Thompson's favorite ways is drawing on shrink plastic. Her hand drawn animal art jewelry on her Etsy, Periwinkle Nuthatch, shows her gift for illustration. Her charming designs are mostly drawn with colored pencils although she has also used acrylic paints.

She is clearly an animal lover, particular birds.  There are many species of birds in her shop including these cardinal stud earrings.  Cardinals are one of my favorite birds.  She pays attention to detail and adds artistic flourishes like the chevrons to some of her newest designs.

Cardinal Stud Earrings
While mammals and birds are often featured, she doesn't neglect the less popular creatures.  Her housefly and black widow spider stud earrings are notable.

Cats and Dog Shrink Plastic Pendants
Although Emily has always been an artist, she did not venture into selling jewelry until she thought she was going to lose her day job. She explained, "I desperately didn't want to search for another job that wouldn't make me happy. So I did my research, I practiced my craft, and I launched my shop."

Black Widow Spider Stud Earrings
Her learning experiences are worth sharing as it inspires new artisans to stick with the game plan. Emily said,  "My beginnings on Etsy were rough: my pictures were bad, my tags and titles were vague, and my naïveté was obvious. Through the help of a fellow Etsy seller's kind and constructive criticism, I obsessively began studying what made Etsy tick, what made a seller successful. I read the Etsy handbook, joined teams, made treasuries, and had to learn the art of product photography. It was strenuous but also absolutely fascinating, and it paid off, big time." Wise words indeed.

Chevron Wolf Shrink Plastic Ring
Emily's jewelry are relatively small but her photographs do convey her hand drawn art well.  Very effective use of shallow depth of field.

Shrink Plastic Bird Brooches
Shrink Plastic Fennec Fox Necklace

Housefly Stud Earrings
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  1. Wow!!! What a fantastic artist!
    How I wish I could draw a circle or straight line. My drawings make no sense compared to these beautiful illustrations of someone who has definite talent and a sense of how it will look like when it's finished. Does she shrink the plastic first and then draw on it?
    I'm wondering if most people love Cardinals because they are so beautiful? I wish desperately that we had them here - but alas - no.
    Thanks for sharing this Pearl. Not only do we get to see an amazing artist but also someone who has started at the bottom and learned how to climb the ladder of Etsy and of selling and of her own artistic achievements.

  2. I suspect she colors them first before shrinking.

    Well, I can only explain why I like cardinals - I love red! There weren't any back in Nova Scotia but there were the vivid gold finches!

  3. Her Etsy shop looks very colorful and interesting - especially her pdf downloads to make puppets. Thanks for introducing her

    1. I also love her unicorn paper dolls! She is indeed very talented!


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