One way to be innovative is to combine techniques.  This clever combined beadwork and Byzantine chain mail bracelet tutorial is by Sheryl Yanagi. Yes, you guessed it. Each ring is beaded!  From 15/0 seed beads no less!

It'll take a while to create all those rings. It is the sort of project you can do while watching tv for example.  But once done, they can be linked together in the Byzantine chain mail weave. Instructions for how to make the the beaded toggle clasp are included.  Check out my tutorial for the Byzantine weave which might be clearer for some.

This is a fantastic tutorial because you can vary the colors; not just sticking to one color per ring either.  I would certainly try it in bigger seed bead sizes for a chunkier effect. Maybe try other weaves with beaded rings too!

A great idea for people who are metal allergic and cannot wear traditional metal mail.

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