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Wire Wrapped Pendant Design Tutorial using the Bail Forming Pliers

Trust me. The bail forming pliers is one tool you will use again and again.  Not only can you use it to make the stock items like ear wires and clasps, the pliers can also be used for all sorts of design elements.  One great example is this tutorial for versatile funky pendants by Gayle Bird.

The unequal barrel sizes of the pliers helps form different sized loops.  The tutorial is particularly forgiving as you can do as many wire loops and turns as you like.

So go ahead and play with the bail forming pliers!   Shown below is the design I created for my store using the bail forming pliers.

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  1. Oooh! Those are great ideas! I can imagine semi-precious gemstones in there as well as sparklies.

    I really like your pendant Pearl! Love the colour combinations and the shape.

  2. Awesome! Both styles - free form and symmetrical - are beautiful! I knew I didn't use the full potential of my bail forming pliers ;)

  3. I have a blast playing with my step pliers, I made a similar free form pendant with beads and wire a while back


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