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Three Pretty Beaded Flower Necklace Tutorials

I am always delighted when I come across a design that is different from others.  Usually beaders tend to incorporate beaded flowers in a necklace in a regular manner.  But this offset beaded flower necklace tutorial  by is refreshingly different....and lovely.  

The tutorial is an alternative one based on another design the author has seen before.  She was asking if anyone could help her out with proper accreditation.

All this is in Russian. Unfortunately we cannot translate the words in the schematic pictures.  So hopefully you can figure it out from just the pictures alone.

Bridge Parle's simple spring blossom necklace over on Beads Direct is easy and quick to make.  I like how the flowers are of different colors.

Preciosa Ornela's pip beads are ideal to make into flowers.  Check out their video tutorial for a matching set. This tutorial is suitable for beginners.

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  1. The first one reminds me of one of my favourite flowers - Forget Me Not. It's gorgeous!
    And so are all the others.
    Thinking of spring already my friend? Or just missing the garden? :0)

    1. While I do enjoy gardening, I am glad for the winter break. I get to spend more time in my studio. Flowers are simply my favorite design element - haven`t you noticedÉ


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