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Hand Painted Wood Jewelry by VivaArcenciel

Natali is the Ukrainian artisan behind VivaArcenciel on Etsy.  She makes colorful hand painted wood jewelry reminiscent of traditional Ukrainian ornamentation and visual art forms.  With deft brush strokes she paints mostly floral motifs.  The use of color is very important in Ukrainian culture as is the distinctive motifs and compositions.

Natali makes mostly round earrings.  She also uses the round shapes for bracelets and to adorn her hair scrunches. Her artistic consistency with multiples of the same design is admirable!

Natali has a clever way of displaying her earrings - she hangs her earrings on what is probably a magazine photograph.  Not quite to scale but her earrings look stunning when framed this way! The round units are just over 1 inch in diameter so this artisan is painting miniatures. Very inspiring!


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  1. I'm amazed by her work. I had to go back a couple of times and read that it was hand-painted wood - AND - that she used a magazine as a backdrop!

    Very talented indeed!

  2. Folk art is modern and Natali sure knows how to convey this message!

    1. That`s a profound observation on how folk art is modern. I agree!!


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