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Amazing Liquid Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorials by Sandrartes

Liquid polymer clay is a great medium for creating faux glass effects.  In the hands of polymer clay artists the translucent results can be very beautiful.  Sandrartes is a Portuguese polymer clay artist who has shared some great liquid polymer clay video jewelry tutorials.  First up is her clever hollow bead pendants tutorial.

She first creates a form using just a toothpick and cotton wool encased in a bit of stocking material.  A layer of natural clay and several layers of liquid polymer clay are added. The alcohol inks are also applied with each successive layer.  Like eggshell art, the molding material is then carefully removed leaving behind the lovely glass like shapes.

She also applies the same alcohol inks on liquid polymer clay layers in another clever tutorial for making a cabochon bracelet.  This tutorial is a must see!  Just a brilliant way of creating metal mold from used tea light holders!  She also crafts the blue polymer clay discs and sandwiches the double loop in in between those and the cabochons.

She was also inspired by Warring States lamp work beads. (The bumpy beads style were first made in China during a time known as the Warring States period (481-221 BC)).Her genius liquid polymer clay tutorial below is a lot easier to learn to do!  Again alcohol inks come into play.

I also adore her jewel bugs tutorial. Glue some pinbacks for some great brooches. Or glue magnets and use as fridge adornments.

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  1. I never knew until today that there was something called liquid polymer clay. Oh the bugs are gorgeous, it was very interesting to watch the tutorial

  2. Arghhh!! I can see that I'm going to have to add alcohol ink pens to my 'need in studio' list!

    All of these are great tutorials! I'm always simply amazed what people come up with. Always.

    I was wondering if there was a chance the water would ever come out of the translucent beads - especially if you had someone who squeezed the beads (anxiously).

    The bugs are incredible! I think I'd really like to try my hand at those!

    Thanks for sharing these Pearl!

  3. Everything is amazing but the lamp work imitation is really something!

  4. thank you for sharing the video great work!!

  5. Does the liquid polymer harden or do the shapes stay soft? My worry is that if someone squeezed it when they fidget with it it will get squashed and flat.

    1. You cure it just as you would regular polymer clay. So the answer is yes, it is solid. Being liquid before curing allows you to do much more with it.


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