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Bead Embroidered Barefoot Sandal Tutorial

Hoping to go away somewhere warm this winter and spring months?  Here is a summery style project which with the right colors would be great for a beach wedding or a lovely beach vacation. But the colors for the original bead embroidered barefoot sandal video tutorial by Nicole Hanna are also sumptuous.  Note she uses black elastic which means the sandals are conveniently adjustable for most people.

Even if you do not care for barefoot sandals, her tutorial is worth a look if you need a quick primer on how to do seed bead embroider with beaded bezels for cabochons.

Her design can be used in necklace pieces for sure!

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1 comment:

  1. Although I've never worn barefoot sandals I've always liked the look of them.

    There aren't many beaches out here on the dry prairies of the west so getting the opportunity to wear them is really limited.

    I do think they look absolutely gorgeous matching a sundress colour though!


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