Cassie Berube of BohoGoesBold on Etsy grew up in a small town in Montana. This California based artisan therefore always had a deep desire to travel.  Her beautiful and vibrant metal shards jewelry is inspired by how other cultures use color.  She said, "From the pastel buildings of Curacao to the colorful gold embellished saris of India I fell in love color. I realized color is life, color is passion, color is happiness and it's the inspiration for my entire line."

Cassie has a great feel for color and color combinations as you can see from her painted brass stampings coupled with dichroic glass work.

What inspired her?  "In the summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and I was home quite a bit, my husband wanting me to take it easy and stay occupied suggested I go back to my first love, art. Through this tough time I was drawn to bright, bold vivid colors, whatever I made even if I tried to tone it down ended up being an explosion of color."  Cassie proves creative endeavors can be powerful therapeutic aids while she went through treatment and healed.

Cassie described how she creates her pieces:  "A three day process starts with metallic shards being hand dyed with brightly colored inks.These metallic shards are then cut and formed into a mosaic or pattern. This pattern is then melted into the bezel,forming a unique one of a kind piece every time.

For nature pieces such as leaves or flower petals the shards are dyed and cut to fit into each individual petal or leaf vein, pieces such as the chakra are formed by a patchwork mosaic of tiny shards."

Boho goes bold indeed!

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