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How to Make a Swirling Double Wire Pendant Tutorial

Wire swirls are twice as splendid when they are made with double wires.  If you want to learn how to do this, then the swirling double wire pendant video tutorial by Liz is the one for you! It is a free form style so you can make it differently each time.  The wire coil bail is very cleverly hidden behind the top swirls.

A word of warning.  This tutorial is not for beginners.  Liz uses soft temper 14G wire. Even so, this is tougher to manipulate.  You could practice with 18G wire but the design looks better with thicker wire.

Before You Go:
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  1. Great tutorial. Looks so complex, but it's really very simple, isn't it? (When you know how, of course!)

    1. I quite agree! Sometimes the easiest looks much better than the complex ones!

  2. Another great tutorial from Liz! It's really quite stunning when finished isn't it!

    1. Yes and one can use the same swirling technique for larger pendants.


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