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How To Make Wire Wrapped Channel Set Hoop Earrings

You can get channel set findings and use them with resin clay and rhinestone chatons. But what if you were into wire and like the look?  Well, you can certainly make wire wrapped channel set hoop earrings!  The tutorial is by Lisa Yang over on her blog.

Lisa used brass wire which is wonderful for the gold color.  However, just be aware that it is stiffer than copper and is thus harder to use in wire wrapping.

I agree with Lisa that you could probably adapt this design for rings.  I would use smaller, round beads for comfort.

Lisa also has the same plastic mandrel set I have.  Let me say, they are less fattening to use as far as the triangular shape is concerned! Fattening?  Yup. See this past post.

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  1. Fantastic idea, Pearl. I have lots of small gemstones that would be great in this design. Thank you!

    1. Gemstones will be wonderful! Not everyone wants too much bling.

  2. Hahahaha! You are such a nut! Fattening indeed!

    Loved Lisa's tute! So easy yet so pretty when it's done! I know I'm going to give it a try - just need to get some smaller gauge wire.

    Wubbers have come up with some beautifully shaped pliers including the triangular shape. A bit more expensive then the plastic mandrel but certainly very sturdy!

    1. Well, the tobelorone triangular box as a mandrel is fattening as one has to eat the chocolate otherwise it will go to waste!

      Yes, I am eyeing the very same triangular Wubbers pliers.


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