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Nature Inspired Steampunk Zipper Jewelry

This wonderful and innovative nature inspired steampunk zipper jewelry collection is called Zippology.  The "home of Zippology " is  Pete and Veronica's on Etsy.  There is no real  Pete or Veronica. The designers are actually Katy (Pete) and her Mum, Diane (Veronica). Katy explained, "Pete and Veronica was originally a name I had hoped to use for a band. When that fell through and I was thinking of what to call our Etsy shop, P and V came crawling back."

They cleverly integrate zippers with other components like chains and brass stamping to create unique insect or animal designs.  Shown here are a selection of some of my favorites including the steampunk owl earrings!

Katy went on to say, "My art has been a long-standing hobby. Mum is a relative newcomer to jewelry design. Together we make a strong (and sometimes volatile) mother-daughter team that somehow manages to balance youth with maturity, the feminine touch with a masculine edge, hippie and steampunk along with most everything else in between."

Katy says she loves handing the customer service side of things. But her mother is the photographer. Many of their jewelry photos were captured in a beautiful studio otherwise known as Diane's garden pond!

Katy had a bit of advice to share, "Till now, we’ve identified as these two fictional characters, and so far, people really like us. My advice though: don’t hide. It makes “coming out”, if you will, that much more difficult."  So be yourself and the designer you are!

Steampunk owl earrings 

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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  1. These are so cool, The pieces take haberdashery jewelry to another level

  2. I love seeing designs that other people come up with - especially if they are from everyday objects. It's then a matter of 'of course! Why did I never think of that?'

    Then I leave them to there designs because I don't believe in copying and because it's just so much more fun to admire someone who has it down pat then to try and copy it yourself. All that struggle isn't worth it in the long run and you aren't really creating anything new - just a copy. That's not creating - that's imitating.

    These are gorgeous. I know I'd wear them!

  3. I've never seen anything like those. I love them and I'm not even into steampunk!

  4. Amazing creativity! We've all seen zippers in jewelry making that are by no means inferior but nothing like this!

  5. These are AMAZING!!! How clever to use zips for the main feature of the jewelry! I love whipping up earrings and necklaces with my Cricut Explore but this truly takes creativity to the next level. Love them!


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