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Super Headpin Tip on Beaded Pendants

How do you hang a beaded pendant or even earrings?  I am not fond of the beaded loop. So whenever possible, I try and add a jump ring somewhere if I am attaching the beaded pendant to a chain.  But Lisa Yang's super headpin tip is another alternative.

If the pattern you are using is suitable for this idea, then all it takes is to push the head pin up the beads in the vertical position.  The wire wrapped loop finish at the top gives the design a more finished look.

Lisa is also right. Her tip also keeps the two largest central beads in alignment.

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  1. To use a headpin or not to use a headpin - Shakespeare would have loved this!

  2. The neat wire wrapping definitely adds up to the whole look! I am not a beader but have always wondered whether beading threads are made to last really long :)


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