One of the more challenging wire wrapped projects has to be a prong set ring. Jeannie Harwell of Slightly Twisted Studios shared the design considerations and and tips when she made this wire work prong set ring. It is not a full tutorial per se as gemstones and ring sizes differ.

However, Jeanine shares the design process. One thing she does is to keep records of the wire measurements needed for the different gemstone rings she made. That's so she can just tweak the measurements for a new but similar project.

It clearly pays to be meticulous. She said, "This style of ring is particularly fussy, where symmetry and balance are everything, and where a 32nd of an inch can make a dramatic difference to the end result."

She often makes a copper prototype in order to test the design she has in mind.  She believes it is "Better to waste time than waste wire."  Especially precious metal wire!

This is also a good example of how a pin vise can be used to twist wire in situ.  More about pin vises here.

Making the many adjustments of the prongs is one of the most time consuming tasks. There is also the danger of over tweaking as over worked wire becomes brittle and breaks.

A beautiful combination of square and twisted wire.

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