The most recent How to Photograph Jewelry webinar was a blast! Lex McColl, the inventor of Modahaus was there.  Everyone was keen to learn and we had many lively questions and answers with Lex at the end.   Did the webinar make any difference to anyone?  Well, two designers certainly proved they have improved their jewelry photography.

First up is Karen Field, a fellow Canadian who has an Etsy store called Clayfuffles. She told us at the webinar that after last October's webinar, she implemented changes and bought her Modahaus, she saw a big difference in sales. She left her excited comment here : "I have now taken Pearl's webinar twice! The first one was AMAZING and the 2nd one was even better! I wanted a refresher course and Pearl delivered! I also must say that the Modahaus photography set up that she recommends has increased my sales 50%!! So if you really want your pictures to shine you really should invest in one or even two! I will definitely be back for another refresher in the future!"

It was certainly gratifying to hear that but I wanted to see just how much she had improved.  So Karen kindly sent me some of her "before" photos, two of which are below.  While not bad, they were not as good as they could be. The pale blue or grey textured backgrounds did not enhance her signature hand stamped jewelry pieces.

Now look at the difference what the new backgrounds and styling makes after she retook many of her pictures. Some of her new Samsung smartphone photos using her Modahaus are stunning :

Karen works hard on improving her photography all the time so her shop is still a work in progress. Silver colored pieces are not easy to photograph and are also challenging on white backgrounds. But I can now see why her sales improved - the overall look to her store has dramatically changed.  It went from a so-so style to a much more professional look.  And that's you want to entice visitors to stay and start checking out items.

Clayfuffles new store look

Neena Shivlock is a UK designer who sells through her site, Caprillicious Jewellery.  She was one of the winners of my recent photography webinar giveaway.  She is known for her vibrant jewelry designs (I featured her glacier inspired design before).  She already takes good photos. She often photographs her jewelry on mannequins but had not yet tried a simpler style.  An uncluttered approach will make her designs shine more.

Neena did not waste any time trying out what she learned!  She shared this latest photo over on Google+.  She said, "I used my dslr with the Modahaus with the necklace and Picasa to do a bit of editing - but it didn't need much, other than cropping."  I think Neena is definitely on the right track - maybe a little play with her EV setting will brighten up the background more in future pictures.

Well done, ladies!!

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