First of all, thanks so much for everyone's kind congratulations on my 9th blogging anniversary! Your words meant a great deal to me, never more so when they confirm what I try and do with this blog.  Susan Pinto said it best, "I have been actively creating since the age of 5yrs. My parents nurtured my talents until I became of age. I am disabled, but not unable. I now extend my creative urge into jewelry design. Lo and behold I am making money. It is because of The Beading Gem, that I still feel nurtured at my older age. I read your blog and Bamm!!! it is the spark that starts my fire of new ideas."

Laura made me chuckle with her comment, "I am genuinely shocked that you maintain this blog on your own, without at least a couple of researchers and a tea lady!"  Well, readers now and then send me tips and sometimes family sustain me with cups of tea. So you're not quite wrong, Laura!

It took me so long to learn how to take better pictures for my blog and my online. So I am glad I can help others shorten the learning process. 3 lucky readers will be able to attend my next How to Photography Jewelry Webinar which is scheduled for next Sunday January 17 at 2 pm EST.  There are still a couple of spots available if you don't win!!

I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to pick the 3 winning numbers. These numbers were assigned to :
  • Jana Skladan
  • Marla Chavez
  • Neena Shilvock
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