Chicago based Christina Anton of BooandBooFactory on Etsy makes wonderfully fun and colorful leather jewelry. Handcut and often  handpainted, the pieces range from tassels to geometric in design. The riot of color is simply amazing as Christina is particularly adept at coming up with different shapes, combinations.  The result is unique and what I would call happy jewelry!  Just the pieces to wear in the dead of winter!

Christina is an architect who "decided to take my growing jewelry design business and pursue it full time."  She shares her utterly fulfilling creative life on @booandboofactory - one of the brightest
Instagram accounts I have ever come across! It is so clear she loves what she does.

She said, "I have been collecting leather for a few years. I get so excited finding a rare shade or a color leather I haven't seen before and I immediately begin to imagine what I can turn it into.

The process of creating is truly therapeutic for me. I sit at my desk, look for inspiration with my own photography, and lay out different color combinations of leather and various supplies. I could have anywhere close to 100 individual colors and the fun is combining them in unusual or unexpected ways."  Christina's product photography skills are evident.  She is adept at creating beautiful photo montages of her work. They showcase her remarkable range of designs very well.

She is most inspiring when she added, "I usually never know what the end product will be, but that is what helps keep my ideas fresh and my creativity flowing. I'll make different shaped cut outs, create different color palettes and cut several types of fringes and mix and match until I find the right fit."   Playing with design elements is clearly the key to her colorful collection!

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