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Pearl and Crystal Cup Chain Leather Bracelet Tutorial

The tutorials I see with lashed crystal cup chains usually use cord (see tutorial links below)  So this pearl and crystal cup chain leather bracelet tutorial is unique! It is by Bev over on Flamingo Toes.   She used holes along the edges of a wide snap fastened leather bracelet to help her lash everything together.  The result is pretty - not to blinged out in looks because of the leather.

Bev bought a plain leather bracelet with the holes already pre punched and the snap fasteners already added.  But you could just as easily make your own leather base by punching holes and adding the fasteners yourself.

By doing so, you will be able to fit the bracelet to any size.  You could also punch holes anywhere you like. It will be fun to try and lash the components on in different ways.

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  1. Gorgeous bracelet but I'm disappointed that there aren't more specific directions. More inspiration than tutorial.

    1. This is a static tutorial unlike a video tutorial where you get to see the motion of the needles. So please look closely at the photographs and you should be able to figure out from that and the text how the lashing is done. You also don't have to follow any tutorial slavishly - try lashing in different ways.

  2. Looks like a simple idea but you have to connect all these things in your mind first :) And a pretty outcome!

    1. I agree. I find it helps to sometimes stare at a tutorial for a while for the steps to sink in!


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